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Techwise IT Services, We help you reach your digital needs.

Our company story

Its always about a simple thought A thought that transpires a revolution in the world, and we at Techwise , help you bring that revolution

Eshtablished since 2017, we at Techwise have always worked with passion and strived for perfection. Like someone said, perfection is not attainable but if we chase it, we can for sure catch excellence and we have always prioritized excellence and perfection before anything else.

We, Techwise IT Services, work in Angluar, HTML,CSS, JS for the front end. We work in DOTNET and PHP for the backend technologies and for mobile applications, we work in native app platforms like ANDROID and IOS as well as hybrid technologies like PHONE GAP and IONIC/CORDOVA. We have been working with many different frameworks and technologies and have tried to reach upto client's expectations everytime. We have a big list of satisfied clients and have been working with clients in many different countries. We have accomplished on-site projects as well for some of our clients. Customer Satisfaction have always been the first priority and we always thrived to achieve it.

We also provide Cloud Services like project configurations and maintainance on cloud platforms like AWS and AZURE. We also provide security services for the applications like security testing such as white box testing as well blackbox testings. Security Testing includes data security, phishing attacks, transaction securities, malware attacks, trojan attacks etc. which all will be covered by us.

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Our awesome team

Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.

Dhruval Gandhi

CEO / Founder

Founder and lead designer of the Company with expertise in Web designing as well as PHP and hybrid mobile apps

Siddharth Shah

CTO / Co-Founder

The real brain of Techwise who handles every technical requests from backend to frontend



Here are some of the testimonials of our esteemed clients and what they think about us.

Tanmay Shah

A dynamic team and consultancy who provides al-round solution for any technical queries that is presented to them. Works for the best only. Cheers

CEO, Unicode Technologies

Margaret Nyota

Provides invaluable support to my< company by delivering perfect time-based deliveries.Its great pleasure working with them because they are efficient in communication and explaining tasks that they have completed.

Lead Manager, PANACEA

Hemal Gandhi

I, along with Techwise Team have developed JewelPRO and the whole team was way too dedicated for the product that we could reach to the success of what JEWELPRO have achieved over the years. All cheers to Techwise

Owner, MAA Jewels

Tatwesh Kothari

We have worked with TECHWISE since past 2 years and they handle our backend office application which have eased our way of working at the factory to a great extend providing the best solution we can get.Kudos to them.

Operation Chief, Zenith Engineering Works

Shadab Khan

Just a quick word of thanks to Techwise IT Services. Your service is great and response time is fantastic. Our website was completed well within the time frame and the outcome was satisfactory. Keep up the great work! Cheers!

Manager, A1 LIMO DC